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Cornerstone Laying Ceremony

Here are some photographs of the Masonic corner stone ceremony held at the Winona hospital on Sunday, May 21, 2006. We had a very good turnout with between 75 and 100 Brethren participating from various Lodges in the district. The ceremony was conducted by R.W.M. Steven R. Johnson of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota.

At the head of the cornerstone laying procession are the Grand Lodge officers with their tuxedos and ornately decorated white aprons. Masons wear white aprons to Lodge meetings and special ceremonies as a badge of honor. It's reference is to purity of heart and to innocence of conduct. Lodge officers wear special white aprons with embroidered symbols that represent their positions in the Lodge.

Mystic Star Lodge was well represented at the corner stone ceremony. In this photo we see Lee Loerch, Dean Hatlevig, Paul Engrav, and Phil O'Keefe marching in the procession. It was a great day to be a Mason and we had a lot of fun!

Grand Master Steven R. Johnson (wearing the top hat) performs the ceremony with corn, oil, and wine. Many thanks to Jeneen Engrav and Roger Church for these fine photographs. Most of all, we would like to thank our own B. Herb Highum for making arrangements with Winona Health and the Grand Lodge for this event.


Brat & Burger Fund Raiser

Mystic Star Lodge Brethren got together at supper time on September 15, 2006 in the Rushford Foods parking lot to cook brats and burgers to raise money for the Kids Coats for Character Program. This is a Masonic program that provides free school jackets for children who are recognized by their teachers for altruistic, exemplary behavior.

Herb Highum and Paul Engrav look on as Bob Erickson serves some customers.

Bob Erickson, Herb Highum, Verle Ramsey, and Dean Hatlevig hold down the fort while Bob Forsythe and Phil O'Keefe take a break from the grills.


Henry Colbenson took orders and made change while Verle Ramsey and Bob Erickson were kept busy filling orders. Bob Forsythe was manning the hamburger grill.


Good food, good time!

We were all kept very busy cooking meals for all the folks who stopped in to support the program. We all had a great time! Thanks to everyone who participated in the fundraiser. Special thanks to Brother Dean Hatlevig for working with Rushford Foods to provide space for the event and to keep the food flowing. Gosh, those brats were good! Also, many thanks to the other folks who helped our Lodge with publicity that helped draw in all those hungry people. Most of all, we would like to thank those who stopped by to enjoy our cooking!

Charles Westby's 50th Year As A Mason

On October 3, 2006 we had a very special Lodge meeting because we honored Brother Charles Westby for his 50th year as a Mason.

Charles sits in the East as Herb Highum makes a presentation about Charles' history as a Mason.


Grand Lodge S.E. District Reprentative Clarence Russel presents Charles with a 50-year certificate and pin while Charles' Brother Harley looks on.


Congratulations to Charles for 50 years in the Fraternity! From left to right, acting W.M. Lee Loerch, Charles Westby, Harley Westby, and D.R. Clarence Russell.


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