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Photo Gallery

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Installation Ceremony on December 27, 2010

In this ceremony, which was open to the public, we installed our new officers for 2011. 

Past Master Lee Whipkey is seated on the left while our new Worshipful Master, Roger Anderson installs Derek Berg as the new Senior Warden. Henry Colbenson, who is seated on the right, ended his long career as our Secretary that evening.

During the ceremony, the officers' jewels sit on the altar.

Roger (right) installs Dean Hatlevig (left) as Secretary while Marshall, Herb Highum (center) presents him with his jewel of office. 

The new officers are take a group photo with District Representative, Paul Himmler who was newly installed as Worshipful Master of Winona Lodge No. 18. 


Special Meeting on December 7, 2010

We had a special meeting to welcome R.M.W. John L. Cook, Jr., the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, to our Lodge.  After a great dinner and fellowship, John was welcomed to the East and gave a very interesting presentation on membership and service in Minnesota Freemasonry.


R.M.W. Grand Master John L. Cook, Jr. and the Brethren.  


Special Meeting on August 11, 2009

We had a special meeting to pass two new Entered Apprentices to Fellow Crafts in the 2nd Degree. R.M.W. Grand Master Thomas G. McCarthy presented the 2nd Degree Staircase Lecture to our candidates.

W. M. Clarence Russell of Winona Lodge brought in the Brethren from Winona in a red trolley.  What a surprise!   Here we see everyone posing next to the trolley in our Lodge parking lot.  We'd like to thank all the Brethren from Winona and all the other Lodges in our district who attended our special meeting that evening.  We had a full-house... every chair in our Lodge room was filled!

Brother Clarence Russell talks to Grand Master, Thomas G. McCarthy next to the trolley.

Minnesota Grand Master Thomas G. McCarthy and Grand Chaplain Steven D. Johnson meet before dinner in our Lodge room.

For this night's Degree work, Brother Derek Berg was Senior Deacon and Grand Lodge Southeast Area Deputy James S. McNeely was Worshipful Master.  Here they go over some of the Degree work before dinner.

Brethren relaxing in the lounge before dinner.  Our newly remodeled basement was a great place for fellowship before the Degree work.

Grand Master Tom McCarthy and the Brethren at High Twelve in our Lodge room.  District Representative Paul Himmler donned the top hat and took over as Worshipful Master for the second part of the Degree work.  It was a fantastic night!


Some Candid Shots

Brethren socializing in the kitchen before a Lodge meeting.

Some socializing after a Lodge meeting.

The Square, the Compass, and the Holy Bible.

A column holding the Terrestrial Sphere.

The Junior Warden's station in the Lodge.


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