Many thanks to those of you who came forward to provide help with demolition, cleanup, and repair.

Many thanks to the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, the Brethren at the Preston Lodge No. 36, Western Star Lodge No. 26 in Albert Lea, and others  for providing generous donations to our reconstruction fund.

Special thanks to the Grand Lodge of Minnesota for providing funds to Mystic Star Lodge No. 69 to aid our Brethren who had damage to their homes.

We would like to thank our District Representative, W.B. Paul Himmler for all of his help.  


August 19th Rushford Flood

On the evening of August 18th and the early morning hours of August 19th, 2007, south east Minnesota was hit with record breaking rainfall.  In some areas 17-inches of rain fell in the space of 24 hours!

The rain was too much for the levee holding back Rush Creek, and it gave way.  The town of Rushford was engulfed in rapidly rising flood water, mud, and sewage.  Fortunately no one was killed, but 2/3 of the structures in town sustained extensive damage.

Flood waters on Mill Street, downtown Rushford.

Mystic Star Lodge was not spared. Most of the damage to our Lodge building was in the basement.  Flood waters spilled in through the doors and windows, destroying our dining room, kitchen, bathroom, furnace, and electrical system.  What hurt most of all was that the water destroyed our newly constructed lounge/library and the newly installed chair lift.  It was a nightmare!

Here are some photos illustrating the damage that was sustained:

The flood waters came up to the bottom of the 1st floor window of the Lodge building.

Debris and mud piled up in the parking lot next door.

Flood water and mud destroyed the heating and electrical systems in the basement.

The bathroom was a total loss.

Volunteers, including ten folks from Christ Lutheran Church in Byron help clean up.

The flood water included mud and raw sewage. The walls had to be taken down.


Ruined plaster and lath being removed.

Basement after cleanup, looking East.  All the windows were destroyed in the flood.

Basement after cleanup looking West.  The lounge/library used to be in the center of this photo.

Unfortunately, our insurance company did not indemnify us against flood damage of this type.  Many came forward to help. We would like to thank all those those who volunteered to clean up our Lodge building.  We would also like to thank the Brethren from Mankato Lodge No. 12 and Western Star Lodge No. 26 in Albert Lea for offering to donate furniture and Masonic books for our library.

In addition, officers of the Western Star Lodge No. 26 in Albert Lea attended our Lodge meeting on December 4th, 2007 to present Mystic Start Lodge No. 69 with a check for $957.00.  Grand Lodge of Minnesota provided a check with matching funds.

P.M. Bob Hahn, J. W. Jake Loper, and Sec. Steve Claybourn  of Western Star Lodge No. 26 present a check to P.M. Paul Engrav and W.M. Robert Ericson of Mystic Star Lodge No. 69.  Masonic relief in the purest form.

Our Lodge is now much greater than ever before.  A wonderful place to enjoy Fellowship and Lodge meetings. 

We thank everyone for their help!

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